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Archives for November 2007

Spreading Your Ideas

In the past week I have been interviewed again a couple of times. Some common questions are starting to come up. It seems that there are a couple of things people know about me. Authority Blogger Flagship Content This pleases me no end. Why? Because these are precisely the things I want to spread! So […]

Attention Age Doctrine Free Report Download

Attention Age Doctrine is a free report from Rich Schefren. I am sure I won’t be the only person you hear about this from. In fact I heard about it myself from Yaro. So why am I telling you about it? It’s free – Even though you can be sure Rich isn’t giving it away […]

Read it Later Firefox Plugin

If you follow a lot of news and social bookmarking sites you are going to love this Firefox Extension. Have you gone to a site or seen an interesting link and thought you would get back to it later? My usual technique is to open up a ton of tabs and come back to them […]

What is New Media?

I’m a little embarrassed to tell you that I have been using the phrase “New Media” without ever thinking about the definition very much. You see, “New Media” is one of those things you know when you find it, but when it comes to explaining to someone else we can stumble. Let me try now […]

Do You Block Ads?

I was chatting to a couple of bloggers over the weekend and I thought the discussion was divided and interesting enough to open up to you guys. As we often do we got around to talking about cool sites we have seen recently. I mentioned “Why Digg is Blocked” and almost immediately regretted it. One […]

Freelance Blogging: How Much Should You Charge?

Over at the Authority Blogger Forum my friend and super forum moderator, Jen has started a great thread about freelance blogging rates. What would you charge for freelance blogging? As she says, while there is a lot of information out there about freelance blogging, the one thing people rarely talk about is how much you […]

Links to be Thankful for

Isn’t it quiet out there? It seems when USA goes into Turkey-eating mode the rest of us take the day off 🙂 Here are some useful links for the rest of us: Michael is wondering What You Can Learn about Blogging from Britney Spears Jon has another fantastic money making post; The Forrest Gump Guide […]

Blog Critique: Teevieo

Would you believe I have a blogger doppelgänger out there? Yes, it’s true, and cruelly he is both younger and better looking. Not only that, he is a skilled designer. Luckily for me I can redress the balance somewhat by trashing his new blog. But no! That last piece of evil revenge has also been […]

How to Get Banned from Twitter

One of the Twitter personalities I have been following is Sam Freedom who found one day his account had been suspended. It turns out from support there are several reasons this happens, mainly: you’ve followed a large number of people in a short amount of time there is a small number of followers compared to […]

Working for Your Goals

Much as we would all like to have magic wands that put us instantly right where we want to be, in the perfect situation, surrounded by the right people, in reality we have to work towards it. I read a lot of biographies and find that the majority of so-called overnight sensations take many years […]