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Archives for October 2007

Making Real Money Online: Spending to Earn

In the first part of this series I showed three earning styles. People earn money by working for it directly, creating a business that makes them money or by investing. While there are no rights or wrongs, and most of us actually never leave the first category of working to earn, the best potential for […]

Making Real Money Online: What Type of Earner Are You?

I have made many mistakes since becoming a professional blogger and new media consultant but todays post is about the biggest financial mistake I have made and what I am doing about it. What is this big mistake? I am sure it is a mistake many people make but before I describe it, let me […]

Teaching Sells Free Report

Teaching Sells? It certainly does! I have long maintained that bloggers can sell by educating and building trust, it is a large part of my AuthorityBlogger concept. Brian Clark of CopyBlogger fame has produced a free ebook telling you why you should have your own product and how to go about it. Whether blogging is […]

Blog Action Day Lost Me Subscribers – What To Do About Unsubscribes

So was Blog Action Day a success? I feel like it was. My post got a warm response and there was a lot of buzz around the intarwebs. It seems though my comment about the topic getting folks hot under the collar was spot on. I had the worst day for unsubscribes ever! I have […]

Blog Action Day: Noticing the World Around Us

Blog Action Day is here! It seems like only five minutes since I was invited to join in. From the first mention I thought it was a great idea so I am so pleased the project is already a success with some fantastic blogs and backers involved. This Blog Action Day has been dedicated to […]

What I Learned From Darren Giving Away $60,000 of Prizes in a Week

So you will do-doubt have noticed Darren Gave Away $60,000 of Prizes in a Week. You can already see Darrens conclusions, but after reading his list I had a thought I want to share and get your opinion on. The Problogger give-away was a big success I am sure, and Darren has learned a great […]

Online or Offline, this is the Key to Success

Last night I was chatting with Brian about his recent article. We were talking about how when people get into online marketing they suddenly become enamored with the technology. Have you noticed that? There is one key to success online and let me tell you now, technology is not it. Yes, the technical side is […]

Guest Posts – First Round

My first round of October free guest posts are up, a couple even got to the Digg front page šŸ™‚ 5 Skills That Boost Your Design Career My Top 5 Biggest Freelancing Mistakes 5 Tips For a Less Stressful Moving House Experience WP_Submission WordPress Plugin Makes Reader Submission Projects and Blog Carnivals Easy Hopefully more […]

Buying and Selling Blogs: Adding Value

In the first part of “Buying and Selling Blogs” we looked at ways to see value over and above the traditional income and value of the domain. The next step after looking to see what value is there, is to see what value you can add. It’s just like in the real world of real […]

Buying and Selling Blogs: How Do You Value Blogs?

Selling blogs is a growth area of professional blogging. Having said that it’s not just people who want to buy or sell blogs that want to know how to value them. Bloggers often want to compare their progress against others. This is a very difficult question because often you are comparing apples and oranges, plus […]