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Archives for October 2007

The Secret to Social Media Success

A couple of times this week I have seen great stories get buried on Digg. It happens and it sucks. The thing is we all tend to think our own story is worthy of getting votes. But in many cases I think the people who complain about getting buried the most secretly know they were […]

What You Do Versus What You Say

Aaron has a great post about PR agencies in the social media / web 2.o space. Worth a read, if only for the Office Space inspired giggle.  Reading this made my brain connect what Aaron had written with a thought I had been having all morning about authenticity. The attraction of blogging and social marketing […]

How Could Bad Blogging Hurt Your Company?

Often clients assume I am always going to recommend blogging but that is simply not the case. I am not going to push blogs as the magic bullet solution because as you know, blogging does not suit every company or individual. In most cases the decision is down to: Will a blog provide significant benefit […]

Making Real Money Online: What is Wealth?

What is wealth to you? What attitudes do you have towards money? Are you attracted and enthused by the idea of business or are your feelings conflicted or negative? A couple of people have told me they get uncomfortable talking about money. In fact reading about business or making money makes them feel uncomfortable. It’s […]

Making Real Money Online: Your Vision

While in previous entries of this series I mentioned how the implementation is more important than the idea, no human endeavor in this world happens without someone first having a brainwave. Look around, how many things that we take for granted were some bright sparks moment of inspiration (often followed by years of perspiration). Making […]

News Update

Two pieces of news to share with you today: Recall the free Teaching Sells ebook I mentioned before? Well, Brians course has launched along with some new free articles. I have been looking through and I know you will like it. In fact my Authority Blogger e-course plans have changed already because of the material […]

On Digg and Flame-Proofing Your Ego

Digg users are famously hostile. In fact you could say the internet in general has long had a reputation for being hostile. What can we do to avoid the worst? What can be done? This post will probably kiss away any chance of me getting on the Digg homepage again but such is life. I’m […]

Making Real Money Online: Confidence and Taking the Risk

Making money online need not be something you only dream about. In this series I hope I have given you some ideas and inspiration that show you really can do this. A common theme in feedback though has been an issue of confidence, so let’s address that now.

Making Real Money Online: Making it Happen

Making real money online does not happen inside your head, it happens out in the world. If you are like me you will have lots of ideas that never get acted on. We need to go from day-dreaming to doing! In the previous entry of this series I talked about scaling up your operations. How […]

Making Real Money Online: Expanding Your Operations

Making real money online means breaking out of the limitations you have set yourself. We all constrain our earnings in our own ways. This post is how you can change your approach to earning money and break through your profit ceiling.