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Archives for September 2007

The Lonliness of the Long Distance Internet Worker

In my post about web community building and participation I mentioned making friends and contacts. I think this is an important and much overlooked factor. For people who work online, usually from home, it can be a terribly solitary and lonely existence. Over the years I have had the good fortune to meet some great […]

Making the Most of Web Community Building and Participation – Tips Roundup

One of the great things about the internet is the fact you can connect with people from all around the world with diverse backgrounds and interests. In fact I think technology has followed a very human drive for connecting, when techies connected computers together they were really connecting people. Only yesterday I was telling someone […]

Blog Critique: Take a Peck

In August Ben Cook ran a competition to win some great blogging prizes, including a subscription to the Blog Mastermind program, a copy of Aarons SEO Book and a critique from me. The winner was announced as Jason Peck so here is the critique šŸ™‚ Jasons blog is called Take A Peck and he describes […]

A Quick Interview With Me

I’m thinking now I have a few of these I need to do some sort of a page for linking to interviews. How would you do it? This sort of thing is still new to me so I am not sure what the “done thing” is šŸ™‚ Anyway, Bloginite has just posted up a quicky […]

Where Do You Stand on the Paid Links Issue?

Since I wrote about how bloggers make money I have had three different people asking about the controversial topic of paid links. I know from past experience when one or two people ask there are usually many more people who are interested, so here are my thoughts and a small poll to see how you […]

Still Think Digg Users Don’t Subscribe?

When I wrote a post explaining how to get more Digg users to subscribe to your blog there were quite a few people who doubted me. “Impossible”, “waste of time”, “Diggers don’t subscribe”, “etc”, people said. Well, I feel a little vindicated today. Yesterday Codswallop was featured on the Digg homepage, today I see we […]

Posting Tactics for a Well Rounded Blog

Useful and interesting content is not all you should be creating for your blog. At the same time you need to be building your blog in other ways. Your content can attract new visitors, can help retain the visitors you have, and can bring you in links. Here are some tactics you can use: Flagship […]

Got Web Community Links?

I’m calling out for your content link submissions again, folks. Yup it is time for another roundup. Next Thursday I would like to gather together all your articles on the theme of “web community“. That could be how to run forums, be a better member of a forum, tips for getting more blog comments, advice […]

Sharing a Site With Your Stumbleupon Friends

I consider myself a pretty clued up geek but since my Social Media Marketing roundup I have been learning loads about my favourite social media internet tools. One new find for me that I am quite interested in is the discovery on CornwallSEO that you can send your Stumbleupon pages to your friends If you […]

How Do You Make Money Blogging?

One of the question themes I get asked about most is making money with blogs. While this isn’t a “make money online” blog like Darrens or Johns, it is still something I know many of you care about. While I never talk about how much I earn it is no secret that my money is […]