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Archives for September 2007

Is Blogging a Passive Income?

Yesterday we moved house and today I am still without a broadband connection or even telephone line. Luckily I have my trusty PDA and 3G otherwise you wouldn’t be hearing from me today. This whole week has shown me I need to be more prepared for off-days but another thought struck me related to bloggers […]

An Open Letter to FeedBurner

Dear FeedBurner, Let me start by saying I love your service. Of course I have no choice. There are no alternatives. But really, I do love your service. I find it looks nice, is easy to use, and mostly gives me what I need. The main issues I have are in the area of your […]

How Do I Increase Traffic to My Blog? – FAQ

User djinferno asked a question over at the Authority Blogger Forum that I know is on the minds of many bloggers. It is a question I see a lot, expressed in many ways “How do I promote my blog” “What can I do to get more visitors?” “How do you increase traffic?” In the thread […]

Hear Me Draw

I just did my first ever Sketchcast over at Codswallop and I found the experience quite strange. For years my teaching method was to speak while I write and doodle on a whiteboard. That felt natural and fun. For some reason recording my voice while trying to draw didn’t really work for me. Perhaps with […]

Are You Ready For the Unexpected?

As I write this I have my family falling ill with a sickness bug all around me. This week we move house. I have work to deliver for a project today and another ongoing project kick-off happening in parallel. On top of all that I have my usual day to day tasks. It’s not going […]

The Risks and Benefits of Giving Your Stuff For Free

The other day I wrote about how you can swap services to get help rather than think you have to pay people all the time. This morning I read Jacks My worst nightmare post and it made me realize how they are very related. Rather than write the post I was going to I had […]

What Was I Thinking?

I just looked through my domain name accounts. There are over 30 unused domains in there. What on earth was I thinking? The problem is I know I will have yet another “brilliant” idea soon and do the self same thing. Get inspired, find a perfect domain name (or maybe not perfect), then sit on […]

Making the Most of Your Resources

Are you a “Jack of all trades?”. Very few of us are. It’s rare indeed to find someone with all the skills required to do well in this game. Just check out the jobs and roles I listed in my blogging hats post. There are a lot of things involved in blogging, online marketing, and […]

How to Think Up Original Topics For Guest Posts

I was asked last night how I think up topics for posts when I am writing freelance or guest posts. It can be tricky but I did come up with an analogy that I think works to explain how I deal with it. Think of each place you post articles to as a different friend. […]

Controversy Versus Consensus, a Writers Dilemma

A common challenge with writing is putting forth your opinion while knowing you are going to upset, annoy or lose a portion of your audience. How can you explain your position when you know it is not going to be 100% popular? Some of the best stand-out articles are when someone actually has an opinion […]