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Archives for August 2007

Squidoffers Reset Again – Please help?

Squidoffers trouble again! Squidoo just reset my votes back to zero. Again. It seems every time you “renew” in fact you are buying completely new ads that have to work up from scratch. I was suckered in by a sweet deal ($10 per ad rather than $100), darn my bargain-hunting genes! If you have 7 […]

Copyright Confusion Continues

Anne-Marie emailed me to tell me about a discussion going on about copyright protection for photos and content. What is the legal position around using other peoples images? Are you OK if you provide attribution? Or is that only CC licensed? If you look in the comments you will see there is some excellent discussion, […]

Fantastic Blog Business Cards

I just got back from a trip to Budapest to see the Hungarian Forumula 1 Grand Prix. While we probably imbibed rather more booze than is advisable we had a great time exploring a fascinating city and of course the excitement of watching our boy Lewis do the business in the race itself. What struck […]

Another Audio Interview With Me

I haven’t even listened to this myself yet (I hope I don’t sound like a complete prat) but Sara has informed me that part one of the Random Bits Podcast featuring me is up and ready to listen to. Sara split the interview into two parts because I jabbered on far too long so the […]

Motivational Quotes

One thing I like to collect in my swipe file is quotes. Quotes make you look more intelligent than you really are because you can borrow someone elses smarts and make it look like they are agreeing with you šŸ˜‰ I saw these positive quotes in a comment over at the Dilbert Blog last year […]

Do You WWW?

One of the most common issues with blogs that I critique is the WWW/No-WWW issue. That is where you can see the same content with both the WWW. in the URL and without. Doesn’t seem like much of a problem? There is a theory around SEO circles that having content available on both creates problems […]

Easy Bake Weblogs TypePad Course

Andy informs me his Easy Bake Weblogs TypePad course starts up again on Monday. With his course you will learn everything you need to know to build a blog using TypePad. While I am not a TypePad fan I do like Andys stuff a lot. He is one of those rare guys who is bursting […]

What Type of Blogger Are You?

I was discussing blogging with a couple of marketers the other day and the inevitable “aren’t blogs online diaries” comment surfaced. While I patiently explained the different types of blogs to those guys I realised many of us probably have some sort of cross-over between types and rarely consider what our dominant blogging style is. […]

Summer Slump Solutions – Blogging Survival Strategies

What is the Summer Slump? The Summer Slump is a dip in attention and traffic. It affects many areas of life and business, not just blogging. Round about now our audience is thinking about vacations, slacking off, going to the beach, spending more time outside and less at their computers. The slump pretty much covers […]