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Archives for August 2007

What Do You Want?

Well? What do you want? Sometimes when I work with my coaching clients, one of the things we have to do is really discuss what their actual goals are. Not what they think their goals are, what they really are. It’s important because once you get going on a project you don’t want to be […]

Social Media Marketing Roundup

Social Media seems to be quite a popular topic, you guys seemingly had no problems submitting your social media links. Thanks to all who submitted and for anyone who did not get featured, please try on the next one, better luck next time! So What Is Social Media? The main problem seemed to be from […]

Facebooks Missing Feature

I have just been going through and editing the Social Media Roundup for tomorrow (submissions closed by the way). As part of the process I have gone through the major social media sites for insights. One thing that is common to almost all of them struck me as missing from Facebook. What is it? Discoverability. […]

About a Fun, Powerful Creativity and Productivity Technique

I don’t often cross-post but I think this is an article that you would be interested in reading as it involves Mind Mapping and how I use it to make me more productive when writing, speaking and planning. What is Mind Mapping? How is it useful? Check out my post! Using Mind Maps for Creativity, […]

How Do You Decide What To Write About?

I was looking over the member blogs over at the Authority Blogger Forum and had an idea I wanted to share with you. To prove or disprove this theory though I will need your help, just a click in a little poll. My theory? That many people don’t know what they are going to write […]

Why Your Blog is Like Ice Cream

I love ice cream. You could say I am an ice cream fan. One of the wonderful things about ice cream is the huge variety of styles and flavours. Something for everyone, right? Remind you of anything? From the title of this post you can guess I think blogs are a lot like ice cream. […]

I Want Your Social Media Marketing Posts

It is time to do another roundup šŸ™‚ The theme this time is “Social Media Marketing” – using Social Media ethically to gain more exposure. If you have articles and blog posts on Social Media then I want to share them with readers! How to take part Simply fill out the form below before […]

When Good Plugins Go Bad – Comment Relish Considered Dangerous

Recall I found out about an automatic commenter-thanking plugin I was very excited about? It turns out that Dreamhost, my hosting company, were not quite as thrilled as I was. Hello, Please disable the plugin that is causing this query (otherwise I’ll have to disable your mysql table or user and I really don’t want […]

Defeating Self-Limiting Thoughts

What would you do if you knew you could not fail? What goes through your mind, what are the words you tell yourself? How do you feel about yourself? Quietly think that over to yourself right now. Many people I speak to are constantly limiting their own performance through self doubt, lack of self respect […]

Second Part of Random Bits Podcast Interview

If you recall I waffled on for too long so the original interview was split into two parts. I just heard that you can now go and listen to Part 2 šŸ™‚ Again I am telling you about it before I listen myself so I just hope I don’t come over too badly!