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Archives for July 2007

Why Have a Personal Blog?

An old school friend just tracked me down through friends reunited and said he had been reading my blog. I asked which one. Surprisingly he had found me through my personal blog and hadn’t realised I had others. I quickly made it more obvious in my sidebar that it was a personal blog to avoid […]

I have been interviewed again

Adriaan Pienaar has posted his short interview with me. There are interesting questions covering topics from new media through to my opinion of blogging to position yourself as a niche expert. Check it out!

10 Blogging Hats

I was talking this morning with a clients team members. One is an SEO, the other a designer. My role on the project is to write, research and promote the blog. It struck me how many jobs a solo-blogger has. Do you ever think about how many hats you have to wear as a blogger? […]