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Archives for July 2007

Blogging Forum Now Over 200 Members!

Since my Blogging forum Announcement over 200 people have signed up! Thanks to everyone who has joined and taken part in the discussions šŸ™‚ If you haven’t joined in yet, see what you are missing at the Authority Blogger Forum now!

Comment Spammers the End of Do-Follow Movement?

After Darrens post revealing a “service” allowing unethical companies to buy Spam Comments Wendy Piersall has decided to put no-follow back on her links. I am considering doing the same. It’s a shame when legitimate comments will get the same link-condom as fake comments but sometimes when you get a lot of messages in your […]

How I put that ebook download link in my feed

Every week I am asked how I put that download link in my RSS feed. Until to now I have had to explain that the solution requires a WordPress plugin that I hard coded. No longer! Damian, my WordPress hacking friend, has kindly released the plugin complete with an options screen. Now anyone can do […]

Tips for Dealing with Blogging Disagreements

Occasionally you will get people in comments or on their own blogs who disagree with you. I know from conversations with bloggers, especially people new to blogging, this is a cause of stress and upset. Particularly when the disagreement contains attacks or is forcefully put across. How do you deal with them? First of all […]

Announcing Authority Blogger Forum – Free Forum For Bloggers

Want to talk about blogging? Got questions other bloggers can answer? Need feedback on your blog? Join the Authority Blogger Forum now – it’s free šŸ™‚

Got Personality?

One of the things people say about blogs they like is “personality”. What does this mean? There are actually a few specific things this might mean. They like the writing style, they find the humour funny, the stories are amusing. It could also be an “attitude” thing. The best example of a personality blogger I […]

Branding Blog Post Round-Up – Readers Best Branding Posts

Branding, love it or hate it, try to ignore it, or embrace it, it’s there and we have to deal with it. Every part of our blogging, professional and personal lives is impacted by what we do, what people say about us, the brand we create. Below are some of the best links I was […]

Converting a Blog From Drupal to WordPress

My friend Damian and I have just been moving DSLRBlog from Drupal 5 to WordPress 2 using instructions from D’Arcy Norman. While Drupal is a fantastic platform, I had problems maintaining it. It was getting me down particularly fighting the torrent of spam being thrown at it. Keeping on top of updates, bug fixes, security […]

Thanks For Your Branding Submissions – Call For Posts Now Closed

Thanks all for your Branding Posts. I am compiling the round-up now so please, to avoid disappointment, do not send me any more. The post will be going up in the morning, it looks like it should be good šŸ™‚

Chris Garrett on Photography?

What does an Authority Blogger do when he joins an existing blogging team on an already running blog? I guess we are all going to find out, today I started blogging at Crestock. As it is a stock image and photography company I will be focusing on the photography side, in particular how to be […]