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Archives for July 2007

How to Automatically Thank Commenters

A couple of people asked recently how I send those automated emails that thank people for commenting. The answer is quite simple, it is a fantastic plugin called Comment Relish Comment relish is a WordPress plugin developed to send an e-mail message to users who comment on your website who have never commented before. A […]

Six Month Blogging Progress Review

It was my birthday yesterday, plus it is six months since I launched this blog, so I am in a reflective mood while nursing a massive hangover šŸ™‚ Today I would like to talk about blogging goals and what we do to work towards them. Most people would agree that it is good to have […]

Creating Compelling Blogs – Do You Have to Write Every Day?

Over at copyblogger I wrote a piece where I advised if you want to be a good writer you need to write every day. In this post I am going to tell you it might be better to not post every day. Whaaaat? You see there is a key word there, did you miss it? […]

The Gift of Giving

Just for today, how about trying this. Don’t just browse your favourite blogs, seek out some new blogs and Write a comment Send a supportive email Bookmark at Stumble at Stumbleupon Write a post linking to what you have found Why? Don’t you think it would be a nice thing to do? … and […]

Flagship Content Roundup

What is your Flagship Content? Last week I asked you to send in your examples of Flagship Content. I did this for three reasons To link out to your content (it’s always nice to reward readers) To see what you thought Flagship Content was To prompt readers who do not have any to create some! […]

The Lure of Autopilot Traffic and Spam Blogs

In response to my post the other day about short term versus long term thinking, a reader, who wished to remain nameless for reasons you are about to discover, let me know about her experiences with a traffic report from an Internet Marketing “guru”. It seems this guru has recently discovered blogs. Actually, correction, has […]

Want Me to Write You a Guest Post For Your Blog?

How would you like me to write a guest post on your blog? You will know already without me telling you my time is scarce so I don’t guest post for just anyone šŸ™‚ Probably the only way you will ever get a chance of a guest post out of me is to take part […]

Creating Compelling Blogs – How to Decide Your Blog Content

Why is it that a sports fan will call a Star Trek fan a nerd for wearing full Klingon make-up but it is quite fine for them to paint their own face (and chest, and belly) in their team colours? Have you ever noticed the more Television channels you have access to, the more frustrating […]

Short Term Gains Versus Long Term Value

Liz and I just had a conversation that I had to write about. We were commenting how people sometimes sabotage their own efforts running after short term gains. There are obviously unethical things people do to get ahead. Things like spamming. Shady black hat tactics. Affiliate cookie stuffing. Tricks. Attacks. Then there are the less […]

How Many Columns Should a Blog Have?

Adam started a great thread over at the Authority Blogger Forum which I would like to open up over here; How many columns should a blog have, and why? For myself, I switch between 2 and 3 columns. When I have advertising, such as at DSLRBlog, I have a third column to accommodate it. That […]