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Archives for June 2007

Friday Quick Links

As you will have noticed I don’t often go in for link posts but every now and then people send me links that I think will be interesting or useful to you my dear readers 🙂 Jan Hemmingsen has an interesting take on my Problogger post “Is Your Blog Truly Valuable?” asking Who Should Get […]

Are You Working Too Hard?

Andy has a thought-provoking post over at his Tropical SEO blog The great entrepreneur-CEO is, at his/her core, smart and lazy. Could you be working too hard? Yes have commitment, energy, drive, ambition, but do not confuse those with “hard work”. Think of the old cliché “work smarter not harder”. Many of the best programmers […]

Email Delays and Spam Bounce Problems

It seems my email service has gone wonky somewhere along the line. I have been informed by a couple of people that my email service is bouncing their messages as spam plus I have noticed it is taking some messages a loooong time to reach me. I have a complex arrangement where my email is […]

Buy Me a Beer Plugin and Donations Conclusions

You might have noticed my “buy me a coffee” icon has gone. I didn’t want to keep it up too long, at first I only had it on here to try it out then I thought I would leave it while I could draw some conclusions. Now it is time to write up those conclusions. […]

Insight Into a Range of Business Models from New York Magazine

New York Magazine has a fascinating set of business case studies investigating how New York businesses turn a profit The wild risks, unexpected niches, and day-in-day-out grind behind making a dollar in New York for everyone… from a drug dealer to Goldman Sachs. It makes me glad I work online and from home, many of […]

Are You Trying to Please Everyone?

Last night I had the rare treat of going out to a gig. I don’t go out much so that might have been treat enough but it was an especially enjoyable night because this was one of my favourite bands, Marillion. You might not have heard of them, especially if you are under a certain […]

My Goof of the Day and a Big Blog Upgrade Tip

I just majorly goofed on my blog. While upgrading a bunch of blogs to WordPress 2.2 I overwrote my theme before checking my backup. It seems my FTP had not managed to transfer my sidebar so when I had a look at my handy work I had the default staring back at me. Don’t do […]

Blog Profits Blueprint Review

Blog Profits Blueprint is a free ebook in PDF format about making money with blogs from Yaro Starak. The other day I wrote about it but had trouble getting the download. Today I can tell you what I think about it. The first thing to note is despite it being completely free (just provide your […]

Why Authority Blogs Are the Hardest But Most Worthwhile

I realise the title of this post might be contraversial but I do stand by it. Todays post was going to be one of my famous and much sought-after critiques (you lucky people) but then I got an email from Laura that I just had to answer (with permission). You said you don’t do adsense […]