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Archives for June 2007

Gary King on WordPress Plugin Development

Gary has written a post about his “Group Writing Project” WordPress plugin that should be interesting to anyone involved in WordPress hacking and plugin development. Most interesting is his description of a poorly documented WordPress function, wp_insert_post() that ought to be very useful. The most important thing about the plugin is the wp_insert_post() function that […]

Andy Hagans on Aaron Wall

I am a big fan of observing others success and applying what you learn to your own strategy. Andy has given us an excellent analysis of Aaron Wall’s Playbook over on his blog … it pays to observe what other successful people have done and take some pointers. You won’t be able to copy them […]

My Midnight Sun Adventure

Midnight Sun at Kjerringøy Norway When I heard about the midnight sun I knew this trip was going to be special. Nothing could have prepared me for how special it would actually be. Kjerringøy is in the north of Norway, actually within the arctic circle. This means around this time of year the sun doesn’t […]

Aweber Versus FeedBurner For Bloggers With Email Newsletters

Why have I selected Aweber as my newsletter software over the free service from FeedBurner or FeedBlitz? I have thought a fair bit about this before taking the plunge, particularly because making a choice between fee and free is never easy for someone with a tight budget! Perhaps my thinking might help someone else who […]

Where Should Your Blog Live? Integrated, Subdirectory, Domain or Subdomain?

A coaching client asked this doozy of a question and I just can’t decide what the answer is, particularly from an SEO perspective. Should your blog be integrated, eg. subdirectory, on a subdomain, eg. or seperate domain, as I have (blog) and (website)? Obviously there are advantages to both. Subdomain and seperate […]

Why Is a Blogger Creating an Email Newsletter?

This post was created and queued for later viewing. As I write this I have just quietly launched a small experiment. In a news roundup post I have slyly tucked away a link to an email newsletter signup form. Yes, you read correctly, I have launched an email newsletter. I have no way of knowing […]

Automatically Link Text In Your Posts Using Blogroll Links – WordPress Plugin

My good friend Damian has just released his first plugin and it’s a corker. It goes by the name WP_LinkIt and I think many bloggers will find it useful … WP_LinkIt as a free simple WordPress plugin to automatically convert text from your posts and pages into links from your blogroll. This makes it easy […]

Email Fix and Packing for Kjerringøy

This Week Just a quickie this morning as I am tidying up and preparing for my trip to Kjerringøy, Norway. I will be there with a client for the week telling them how great I am and how lucky they are to have me around. Or something. Posts will be pre-populated but I hope to […]

Another interview … with me

I know I advise your blog should be all about your readers but it would be remiss of me to not inform you that Darren from blogged-out has interviewed me. You lucky people.

Kingpins of Bad Neighbourhoods

I was chatting to another blogger last night over Skype and he happened to mention something that was getting under his skin. Another blogger repeatedly referenced topics that first appeared on my friends blog but this other guy never credited him, not once. This can happen absolutely accidentally. We all pretty much read the same […]