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Archives for June 2007

Branding Posts – I Want Your Links!

Recently I have been writing a series on blog branding. I hope people will get some ideas for how they can improve the blog, personal or company brand with some of the tips I have included. Many people asked that I link the series up so I have implemented the WordPress “in-series” plugin so now […]

Better Blog Branding: Your Successful Brand

How do you know when your brand is successful? A successful brand comes in two parts: Recognition Feelings While those two properties are powerful, they are also imprecise enough to be frustrating for many people. How do you quantify feelings? How important is recognition? Recognition can be achieved simply enough. Repeated interactions with consistency. Just […]

Better Blog Branding: Your Blogs Hidden Messages

Body Language, or Non-Verbal Communication, is the majority of communication. Never more so than online. OK, if you publish video or you are a podcaster you have more expressive possibilities. For the rest of us though we have to be more careful to put across what we mean, who we are, our brand. Your blog […]

Blogs That Make Me Think

Roger Anderson has tagged me with the Thinking Blogs Award. The idea of this meme is we list five blogs that make us think. Hmmm, tough one. I would include Rogers but he has been listed already, and like Roger I don’t want to trot out blogs you are already reading, so extra tough! … […]

Better Blog Branding: How to Stand Out By Being First

Branding is about being memorable. It’s about staking a claim to a specific part of your prospects brain and putting up a little white picket fence around it. In the last post of this series we looked at finding your uniqueness, in this one let’s look at a simple way you can stand out. Your […]

Better Blog Branding: Finding Your Uniqueness

Madonna Gandhi Charlie Chaplin Princess Diana Elvis Sum up each in a few words. Think you could do it? Go on, have a go 🙂 It’s strange. Each of us is unique. We all know that. But ask someone to define how they are unique? Then we struggle. Finding your Uniqueness is difficult but critical. […]

Better Blog Branding: Is Your Brand Breaking Promises?

Branding exists in the mind of your prospects and customers. It is not about what you say, it is what they experience and remember. Branding is how people feel. Brands make promises. Branding is what people think of when they hear, see, touch, smell. Your brand “means” what they think it means, not what you […]

Blog Mastermind Launched

Yaros Blog Mastermind coaching program has launched so I hear. I first heard about this blog coaching product when my wife transcribed the interview between Darren and Yaro, I know Darren wouldn’t get involved with anything if it wasn’t legit. While I haven’t tried the rest of the materials it looks like just the thing […]

Get Tons of Comments? Check Out this WordPress Bulk Reply Plugin

I get lots of comments. As you will have seen I try to answer every single one. This can take some time, particularly when I go away and come back to several days worth. My good friend Damian, my new WordPress-plugin wizz, has come to the rescue with his new plugin – WP_EasyReply What it […]

Why Your Advertising is Wasting Money and What to Do About it

Online advertising should be your best bet in terms of confidence. There is little you don’t know about performance of internet advertising campaigns. No hoops to jump through here, everything you need to know should be automated and available. So why is it people waste their advertising budget on no-hoper campaigns that generate lots of […]