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Archives for May 2007

Breaking bad habits and forming healthy ones

Another day, another memes (I invited anyone to tag me with a meme in return for a link and a free copy of my forthcoming ebook). Don’t worry, I am not going to tell my life story like yesterday, this one will be about you rather than me πŸ™‚ Success is partly about good habits. […]

How my career found me

Bit of an autobiographical feel to this post. Don’t worry if this is not to your taste, there will be more tips tomorrow! In my post about what memes are I invited anyone to tag me with a meme in return for a link and a free copy of my forthcoming ebook. Bonnie tagged me […]

If you just can’t get enough of Chris …

As if I don’t already just give and give and give πŸ˜‰ you can get more of my blog tips over at The Blog Herald in my new weekly “10 minute blog tips” series πŸ™‚ First post is about getting more comments, let me know what you think …

Blog Memes and Links For Charity

The other day I challenged you to come up with a good Meme. Get my attention and as well as links and a help in getting your meme some traction, you will also get a copy of my forthcoming (really!) ebook. First, because I am a sucker for charity, isΒ  … the Charity Link Meme! […]

The Secret to Targeting Prospects

Picture a riverbank, popular for fishing. One part is beautiful, sunny, nice grass verge. A great place to just sit and soak up the atmosphere, let alone fish. Another part of the river is muddy, dark, cold. People do not even like to walk their dogs through there. Sam turns up one morning. Some old […]

What is a Blog Meme?

Blog Memes, what are they? I just got tagged with another Meme. Last time I mentioned Memes I got a bunch of emails asking what they were, so before answering this Meme let’s clear up what a blog meme is, shall we? In science, a Meme (pronounced to rhyme with “theme”) is a self-propagating unit […]

Blogs That Sell – 5 Great Business Blogs

In this business and indirect monetization blogging series I have been talking about how you can use blogs to gain attention and generate sales leads. Now we should really take a look at some examples. Here are five great blogs that sell. english cut: bespoke savile row tailors Just take a look at this quote. […]

Squidoo does it again

Remember my squidoffer? Remember just to get it seen I had to beg you for votes? Um, can I beg you to vote for my ad again? Squidoo just reset my votes back to zero. So my ad that I have paid for to show 12 weeks is not visible anywhere. Kind of sucks, when […]

Where Blogs fit into your online marketing strategy

Blogs and online marketing. To even to seperate the two phrases in my mind feels weird. Bloggers are online marketers. You can’t blog successfully without online marketing. Online marketers who ignore blogging are entering a marathon with their shoelaces tied together. A similar (and just as confused) debate is Blogs versus Websites. The question makes […]

Sales Lead Blogs – The Art of Selling with Your Blog

Selling with blogs? It’s not so long ago that I might have gotten myself lynched for merely suggesting such a distasteful thing. Slowly though the blogosphere is coming around to the idea that commerce is not necessarily evil, that in fact businesses need to make money and that they do that by selling stuff. Blogs […]