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Archives for May 2007

Finding and Connecting With Bloggers and Targeting Blog Audiences

Getting links, finding guest bloggers, being introduced to business opportunities, it is all about networking and creating relationships. How do you find and connect with fellow bloggers? The best way to find and get to know bloggers is to talk to them or through their writing. You need to get a measure of them, make […]

Free Blog Profits Blueprint Ebook

Direct monetization isn’t something I write about a lot. As most of you will know, my personal speciality is business and authority blogging. Indirect monetization through using your expertise, experience, credibility and authority. I realise though that many of you do want to know about how to make money directly from your blogs. If that […]

How to Business Blog Without Being Unprofessional

Since my limitations post yesterday I have had a couple of people ask me how they can blog about their work without breaking confidences or getting fired. Writing on your blog is not gossip. While you could get plenty of traffic from your industry by spreading juicy titbits about your competitors and colleagues you will […]

Turning Limitations Into Advantages

People seem to have a magnified view of their own limitations. Recently I have been putting together a blogging course and coaching program which has put me in discussions with a lot of beginning bloggers. It has also put me in touch with a bunch of people who think they couldn’t blog no matter what […]

Four More Essential WordPress Plugins

The buy me a beer plugin is not the only plugin I have been trying out recently. Here are some other WordPress plugins you might want to try out Dagon Design Sitemap Generator – sitemaps are not just useful for visitors but can help your posts get indexed also. This plugin makes creating a sitemap […]

About that “Buy me a coffee” button …

You guys! When I tried out the “buy me a beer plugin” (or in my case buy me a coffee plugin) I didn’t expect so many of you to go ahead and use it. Have a guess what I spent the donations on, go on, guess! That’s a venti banana java choc-chip frappuccino people, and […]

How Packaging Plus Promotion Equals Profit

I have had this discussion before. You might remember it. Let me try again. “All you need is good content. Content is king. Write good stuff and the visitors will come” “Ugly sells” “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. Yeah, right. We think we buy products but what do we actually buy? Packaging. Promotion. […]

Finally a Digg Just for Bloggers?

Many people have been complaining lately about Digg. The “bury-brigade”, who bury stories just because they don’t like the subject matter, and bullying trolls who tear apart anything just for sport. Digg do not seem to want to do anything about it either, Kevin and co seem quite happy that they are pulling together an […]

Fear of Blogging, or What Bloggers Can Learn From Shakespeare

Are your doubts holding you back? Do you feel like a fraud? Talking to people just starting out I know these are common feelings. Here are some wise words from Bill Shakespeare, expert pro blogger of his time … Cowards die many times before their deaths; The valiant never taste of death but once. Our […]

Buy me a beer plugin – a cool twist on the old donate button

You might have noticed under my posts a little cup of coffee icon. I am trying out a plugin for Ankesh called “Buy Me a Beer Plugin” … This WordPress plugin allows your readers to donate money to you via PayPal. The plugin is widget enabled. So the idea is if a reader likes your […]