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Archives for April 2007

Web Tourists Part 2 – Helping Your Prospects Find Their Way

In part 1 we looked at how web prospects are a lot like tourists visiting a foreign country for the first time. In this post we will look at how we can make it easier for our visitors to find their way without wandering down any dark alleys or tourist-traps. Making a destination decision Even […]

Why Your Prospects Are Like Tourists

When you are thinking about visiting a new place, what do you do? And when you get there, what do you look for? Picture it. You are sat on the floor with brochures all around you. Each picture and blurb seems more appealing than the last. It’s hard to make up your mind. Who is […]

Will You Do My Squidoffer a Favour?

My squidoffer is languishing in the mire of the voteless. The way these Squidoo Offers work is your ad is only visible if you get enough votes, it must be in the top 5 to be seen. Problem is I replaced the ad this week and all my votes seem to have been reset – […]

Blog Critique: Clever Start

Todays blog critique is the small business blog “Clever Start“. Small business, or SMEs (Small to Medium Enterprises) as they are often called in the UK, is a huge market. Anyone who can do well in this space should have a decent audience, and businesses nowadays need to be online which ought to help also. […]

Fine Art of Blogging Meme

“Diogenes” has asked me to respond to the following questions. Now, I don’t know who the questioner is but his or her questions are interesting enough that I thought I would answer them. What is a blog to you? Blogs are for me all about conversation. This is why I get so annoyed at fantastic […]

1000th Comment!

Cool! My database tells me that Tamar weinberg made the 1000th comment on my blog šŸ™‚ (on the post “Get a Real Job“). Thanks to Tamar and everyone who has made a comment, I appreciate it! Full stats from my Dashboard: There are currently 116 posts and 1,004 comments. Akismet has caught 2,213 spam comments.

Get a Real Job

Like most bloggers with a reasonable amount of readership I get some interesting comments. Most of my most … um … colourful come after a guest post or mention on anothers blog. One theme that seems to come up a lot is that I should “get a life” and related but subtly different, people earning […]

What are Blogs Good For? – Blog as CMS

In my last post I said blogs were an excellent content management system. A couple of people asked me to elaborate. What is a CMS and why are they a good thing? What is a CMS? A CMS (Content Management System) is simply a computer software package that makes it easy to create web pages. […]

Enough of the Blog Pessimism!

Several people have pointed me to the Guardian piece about blogs by Victor Keegan. Sorry guys but you won’t find me getting hot under the collar, I don’t jump up and down defending blogs any more (I got that out of my system years ago). Here, since people asked, is my (hopefully calm) thoughts. If […]

It’s All About the Content … Right?

It’s been said so many times it has lost all meaning. Focus on the content. Content is king. Write! Fine. Why then do some people create crummy but popular content? How is it that brilliant writing is often overlooked? So it can’t be just about the content. Something else is necessary. Do you buy bottled […]