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Archives for February 2007

Getting Organised: Don’t Fall into the Geek Trap

I’ve never been so disorganized since I switched computing platform. Pre-Mac I used Microsoft Outlook for pretty much all my organizational needs. Sure it was slow, bloated, buggy, crashed a lot, soaked up pretty much the computers entire memory, but it kept my desk tidy. Now I am lost for what to do. I have […]

Killer Flagship Content – Free Ebook To Download

Want to know how you can make your blog a vital resource? What is the factor that makes people feel compelled to subscribe? This free ebook introduces the concept of Flagship Content and provides all the information you need to create, package and promote compelling resources that attract more attention to your blog. Flagship Content […]

Converting Diggers: How To Maximise Getting Dugg

Reading blogs and forums you would think that getting on Digg is all about short term pops of traffic. Yes the traffic boost is nice but if those visitors arrive and leave like a tide without anyone sticking around then all you have for your efforts is a slow web site for a while. Is […]

Now Free, 37Signals “Getting Real”

37signals has put Getting Real online for free. While I don’t agree with everything they write it is a damn good read and has been very influential. The main thing I like about their philosophy is the emphasis on small and lean and containing the scope. Good advice.

Drupal 5 vs 4.7 Speed Test

Drupal is growing in popularity in the blog world. There are very good reasons for this, reasons I will go into in a future post. For those already won over you need to decide if 4.7 or version 5 is the right one for you. Wondering if you should upgrade to Drupal 5? Dries has […]

Another year, another blog

It has become a kind of tradition that changes regularly. This blog though is on a mission. I am separating out topics, fluff over at and business here on Subscribe, it should all become clear!