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Archives for February 2007

How To Guest Blog Without Disaster

Guest writing on blogs can help you reach a new audience, build a better profile, network and perhaps grab a powerful link or two. While it is a great opportunity you have to do it right. It’s a topic that has been on my mind recently after being invited by a couple of bloggers to […]

What Works For Meetings Works For Blogs

I have just read Seth Godins post on Name tags and I think some of his thoughts apply equally to blogs if you don’t know someone’s name, you are hesitant to talk to them. if you don’t talk to them, you never get to know them and you both lose.  if you are wearing a […]

Where To Find Fresh Blogs and How To Get Your Blog Discovered

A reader of my digital photography blog asked me how I find new blogs to subscribe to. At first I was surprised at the question, I add new blogs to my feed reader all the time. In fact I really ought to trim it down. It is an important issue after thinking about it. Thinking […]

Over Ten Years of Blogging and Still No Clearer What a Blog Is?

Reading over at, Dave Winer has been blogging ten years. In April, Dave will have been blogging for ten years. He can be considered the proto-blogger and developer of the proto-blogging software. Today, about 70 million blogs have been created—“tens of thousands per day sprout up. Most of them don’t get much sunlight or […]

Better Blog Branding: Domain Exclusivity

In the first post of this series we looked at naming your blog brand and selecting domains. What happens when someone registers “your” domain? How much damage can they do to you? This is a real problem, and happens all the time. Particularly dangerous once you have built an audience. When you start out your […]

What’s Even More Important Than a Well Written Headline?

Yes, powerful headlines are vital. No need to go over that. There is one factor though that is even more important. So important that if you don’t get it right … even the most compelling headline will flop. People pass by. The reader yawns. What is this vital factor you ask? While you are reading […]

Google Blogoscoped Tells You How NOT To Get Dugg

Philipp Lenssen has outdone himself this time. Check out his excellent post “How to Not Get On the Digg Homepage“. When you stop laughing read it again and memorize for next time you submit a story.

WordPress Hacking for Better Blog Titles

Here is a quick tip for any WordPress users frustrated at the crappy default page titles you get with most templates. I got asked yesterday how I changed mine and if I used a plugin. No, it’s way easier than that. Go into your WordPress admin and navigate to Presentation then Theme Editor. You need […]

My Favourite Blogger – or – When The Comments Turn Nasty

I’m not sure I have said this before. Scott Adams is my favourite blogger. Of course I have other favourite bloggers (don’t worry I am not going to list them, I like links but I am not that desperate, heh). Before I let you in on why I think Scott is one of the best […]

The Hidden Blog Metrics Trap

Since reading the FeedBurner report Aaron has been thinking about how to change his approach towards RSS metrics I wonder, really, how our strategies will change as assumptions fly in the face of reality. I also wonder how many people cater to their RSS audience and encourage engagement from those readers. I personally have taken […]